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STEAM Education Training for Educators


At Make Create innovate, we are passionate about the value that the arts can bring to learners of all ages. We believe that combining the arts with interactive technology can give many opportunities for young people and adults to engage more meaningfully in formal and non-formal education settings.

What can STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) offer?:

  • Creates interventions in education patterns

  • Encourages critical and independent thinking

  • Provides a focus on experimentation and creativity to support engagement

  • Encourages an interdisciplinary approach

  • Role models alternative career pathways

  • Encourages innovation and creative problem-solving skills

  • Addresses gaps in education provision

  • Encourages additional approaches to STEM subjects

  • Actively supports an inclusive and equal learning environment

To support teachers in this fast growing field, we have developed a 1 and 2 day STEAM Education programme for educators. Created in collaboration with our education specialists, this training is designed to motivate, upskill, and inspire educators who seek the confidence to integrate STEAM Education activities into their classrooms using accessible technology.

During the training, participants will work in teams to explore inquiry, project-based learning techniques as they work with curriculum based content through creative, hands-on activities.

 By the end of the session, participants will have designed and built teaching tools (prototypes) which can then be integrated into their classroom settings. They will also be given access to resources, such as lesson plans, detailing how our activities are linked various curricula, as well as ideas on how they might continue to build on these lessons to expand student learning further.

As always, we are open to adapting our training to suits the needs of your particular group.

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