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Our Philosophy

As educators, our job is to facilitate and encourage a supportive space that cultivates exploration through building, making and innovating. We believe in adopting a beginner's mindset and we believe that our job is to inquire with the learner, to model curiosity, to model experimentation and to be as interested about what is happening as the learner.

We bring more than 30 years of experience working with groups at all stages of their learning. From primary, post primary, third level, to professionals in their field. Our goal remains the same: to invite learners to engage with technology and with their own creativity, to encourage them to delve into and develop their innate curiosity in learning new skills.


Our Experience

Audrey Reilly
Jennifer Moore Make Create Innovate

Kate Delaney

Founder, LEAD Facilitator  

Having completed an M.A. in Music Technology at Queen's University, Kate began working in the field of creative technology within education. During the course of the past 15 years; making music, film, animation, and everything in between, Kate has become increasingly interested in using technology in a way that allows learners to design and to create and to be themselves, whilst gaining a deeper understanding about how technology works and how they learn within this process.

Kate has recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma for Entrepreneurial Educators at University College, Dublin.


Siobhán Clancy

Head Creative, Co-Facilitator

Siobhán is a practicing visual artist with over a decade of experience working collaboratively with youth and community groups, school groups and various cultural institutions. She has worked as a facilitator and artist-in-residence on art, media and technology initiatives with many organisations.

Siobhán has completed a Masters in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism at Maynooth University in 2014.

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Audrey Reilly

Facilitator, workshop designer

Audrey is a visual artist with a BA Honours degree in Visual Art’s Practice from IADT Dun Laoghaire.  She has been working as a visual art facilitator and youth worker for more than four years and has facilitated workshops for galleries, after schools projects and summer camps. Audrey has worked as a youth worker with a number of organisations including the SWICN Clubhouse, SWAN youth service and the South Area Youth Service.

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Jennifer Moore

Facilitator, workshop designer

Jennifer is a multi-disciplinary artist with a BA Honours degree in Fine Art Media from the National College of Art and Design. Video, sound and installation are the main formats of her practice. She also works in the field of electronic music production and performance. Over the past 3 years Jennifer has worked as a STEAM educator and facilitator with Science Gallery Dublin. She has also co-ordinated and facilitated youth arts programmes across a number of different arts spaces such as The National Gallery, The Digital Hub and Aras Einne Arts Centre.

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