National Museum of Ireland


For their exhibition, Kitchen Power: Women's Experiences of Rural Electrification, Make Create Innovate have been commissioned to design a series of workshops for schools and families as part of the National Museum of Ireland 2019/20 education programme.

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Harness the Power

Before The Electrification of Ireland thanks to the Shannon System, small power stations built by local communities supplied some homes and businesses with direct current or ‘DC’. Mobile phones and flat screen tvs still use DC in modern homes today. In this series of hands-on STEAM workshops facilitated by Make Create Innovate, students will gain an understanding of electrical power and develop skills in the conversion of electrical energy to motion, heat and electromagnetism.


green design

Today’s home’s are dominated by disposable devices or appliances with built-in-obsolescence. The energy it takes to recycle materials drains our natural resources even more. With the support of Make Create Innovate, take some inspiration from the 1950s kitchen to prototype smart homeware by combining Makey Makey with reusable materials. Come up with your green design solution for everything that endangers our environment from coffee capsule machines to tinfoil baking trays!


gender in the kitchen

The 1950s kitchen was marketed to women because they were expected to spend so much time doing domestic work back then. Now those expectations are changing, should our kitchens also change or is it just our attitudes that need an update? Make Create Innovate present a set of creative technology workshops that invite you to look at how products and appliances could be better designed and marketed for a modern world where gender equality is the best recipe.

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