Cultural Institutions

'Make Create Innovate workshops are very hands-on, interactive, creative and fun. Their enthusiastic and creative approach engaged the group to co-create and develop ideas inspired by a museum collection, how to encourage museums and makers to work together using traditional and creative technology and to look at the historical development of well-known everyday objects such as lights, and how they can be interpreted today using creative technology tools. We will work with Make Create Innovate and train our facilitators in developing skills in creative technology' - Jenny Siung // Head of Education, Chester Beatty Library.

As advocates of greater accessibility to arts, science and heritage, we work with cultural institutions and bodies to co-develop programmes and experiences that facilitate quality public engagement. These range from practical workshops to talks and events that invite interaction with museum collections and gallery exhibitions in more creative, innovative ways. Most recently, we have facilitated workshops for Camara Ireland, Fab Lab-Limerick, The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, and The Butler Gallery, Kilkenny at National Drawing Day. We have hosted taster activities at Dublin Maker and have recently completed a residency at the CAP Sciences Museum in Bordeaux, France.

We also offer workshops to youth and community organisations to supplement programmes for local, social and personal development. Groups we have worked with to date include Barnardos, the children’s charity.

We offer workshops and courses that give learners the opportunity to make, build, create and explore. Each session is hands-on, working in teams to solve problems, using design and creativity to find new solutions. Activities include circuit making, programming with Sonic Pi and Arduino IDE, interactive design with MaKey MaKey, digital media production, basic robotics and more. 

We encourage all participants to take greater responsibility for their own learning, finding their own answers to questions that arise. We allow space for reflection about how we learn and how we interact with others.

2-hour sessions can cost as little as €12 per learner