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Planet Emergency!

Cruinniú na nÓg 2019


‘Planet Emergency!’- a large-scale interactive exhibition designed by the young people of Fingal was installed in Swords Castle and opened to the public on June 15th.
We had 7 weeks of intensive workshops leading up to the showcase event, giving the young people in the Fingal area the opportunity to explore electronics, soldering, wearable tech, sculpture, spray-painting, as well as all the digital skills necessary to make large scale interactive light and sound pieces from everyday materials.

Young people worked together to explore their theme, drawing on inspiration from the world around them and showing a deep understanding of how our daily lives are being affected by the choices we are making.

Some of our interactive pieces:

Trash Island

Inspired by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a collection of floating rubbish consisting mostly of plastic waste. This is just one of five large ocean gyres that have been created in our seas by plastic waste. Our trash island still has life on it…just about.

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Listen to the sounds of Trash Island…

S.S. Recycle

A ship, on its way to Trash Island to spread the word about recycling. Captain Merline wants to let everyone know how we can be better to our environment. Listen to the Captain’s log to find out what happened on their voyage!


Recycle Game

A life-sized board game, designed to test your knowledge on everyday materials and whether or not they are recyclable. Players roll the dice and pick up the rubbish as they move on the board and score points based on what bin the rubbish goes in at the end!

Earth to Mars

A lost girl, possibly the last left after the Earth’s inhabitants abandon it in search for a better life on Mars. She records her final messages on her phone, a diary, for anyone that may find it and want to know what happened…


We had over 2000 members of the public drop in to enjoy the day with us, a national day of celebration of creativity in young people throughout Ireland. Swords Castle Chapel was the perfect setting for young people’s work. Hearing the sounds of each piece resonate in the space truly made it an immersive experience for all who visited.