2 Day course: A Maker Approach to art & interactivity for artists, makers and educators


'I enjoyed the variety of technologies that we were given a base in, how natural it felt to go from one technology to the other. The range of applications for the technologies from both facilitators and participants was very useful and that there wasn't a cookie cutter approach of here's a project, complete it and figure out the applications of it later - that the creative application of what we were learning was built into the learning process was great.' - Participant // A Maker Approach to Art & Interactivity course with Make Create Innovate.

Are you interested in learning how you can make your work more interactive, programme unique features or get creative with technology? At Make Create Innovate, our workshops are refreshingly jargon-free and aimed at complete beginners. We introduce arts practitioners and creatives of all disciplines to simple and effective ways to bring interactivity into your practice.

Our entry level exercises get you on the path to exploring technology creatively. Whether it's programming a touch-activated lighting effect on stage, designing a funky birthday card for a friend, making an interactive soundscape or creating artwork that can be activated by your audience. Through our training, artists will acquire a basic understanding of the principles involved in easy-to-make responsive systems involving sound, light and other operations plus the materials required to make them work effectively. 

We offer workshops and courses that give learners the opportunity to make, build, create and explore. Each session is hands-on, working in teams to solve problems, using design and creativity to find new solutions. Activities include circuit making, programming with Sonic Pi and Arduino IDE, interactive design with MaKey MaKey, digital media production, basic robotics and more. 

We encourage all participants to take greater responsibility for their own learning, finding their own answers to questions that arise. We allow space for reflection about how we learn and how we interact with others.


2-hour sessions can cost as little as €12 per learner