Corporate Workshops


At Make Create Innovate, we believe that each role within an organisation benefits from thinking more creatively. Communication, problem solving, and working as a part of a team, are integral to every project. Participating in new experiences and thinking outside of your usual role can be such a great way to encourage and enhance these skills.  Promoting the growth mindset has been proven to have a positive impact on how we think of ourselves and our ability to learn, especially within new environments.

Make Create Innovate offer creative technology workshops to organisations in the area of Team Building and Creativity & Innovation. Our workshops give participants the opportunity to make, build, create and explore. Each session is hands-on, working in teams to solve problems, using design and creativity to find new solutions.

We encourage all participants to take greater responsibility for their own learning, each team finding their own answers to questions that arise. We allow space for reflection about how we learn, how we interact with others, and how we can positively affect the place in which we work so that we can bring greater value to our role. 

Our creative technology activities can be tailored to suit all roles in a multitude of organisations. Our workshops can also facilitate the support of public engagement such as open days, family orientated events or community consultation activities.