We are a Social Enterprise

Make Create Innovate is a Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise we want to ensure that we are reaching into our as many communities as we can, but more importantly, connecting with communities in meaningful ways.

We are hugely passionate about the work that we do and its value in education, both formal and informal. We are in the process of establishing connections within the asylum seekers community - we hope to have news about a 6 week creative tech course soon!

We offer workshops and courses that give learners the opportunity to make, build, create and explore. Each session is hands-on, working in teams to solve problems, using design and creativity to find new solutions. Activities include circuit making, programming with Sonic Pi and Arduino IDE, interactive design with MaKey MaKey, digital media production, basic robotics and more. 

We encourage all participants to take greater responsibility for their own learning, finding their own answers to questions that arise. We allow space for reflection about how we learn and how we interact with others.

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