2 Day course: A Maker Approach to art & interactivity for artists, makers and educators


Further Education

'Make Create Innovate provided everything we needed to transform our classroom into an innovation and design space. Throughout the day, laughter and debates mingled as students worked out the best ways to create electronic musical instruments with Kate Delaney. Her workshop not only inspired my students but also inspired me to combine creativity with technology.' - David Pollard // Innovation Pioneer, Rehab Group, Dublin

Whether participants are completely new to science and technology or simply in need of revision, our workshops and courses can be tailored to meet their needs and interests. We value life-long learning and so, intrinsic to our model for educational sustainability is the training we offer in independent inquiry. Through our workshops and courses, we facilitate cross-disciplinary project work, action-based research and preparation of portfolios. Our approach encourages risk taking and adaptation to challenges in preparation for the workplaces of the future. We build in team-based problem-solving activities to foster the spirit of collaboration and innovation that support career advancement. Participants are supported to take responsibility for their own learning, finding their answers to questions that arise. We also incorporate documentation, presentation and evaluation techniques that allow the further development of critical thinking and reflection.

We offer workshops and courses that give learners the opportunity to make, build, create and explore. Each session is hands-on, working in teams to solve problems, using design and creativity to find new solutions. Activities include circuit making, programming with Sonic Pi and Arduino IDE, interactive design with MaKey MaKey, digital media production, basic robotics and more. 

We encourage all participants to take greater responsibility for their own learning, finding their own answers to questions that arise. We allow space for reflection about how we learn and how we interact with others.