A Maker Approach to Art & Interactivity for Artists, Makers & Educators

An Introductory Workshop to Electronics for Creative Projects

Ever wanted to make copper sing? Or use water to activate lights? Are you looking for creative ways to connect Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths (STEAM) subjects?

Make Create Innovate offer this hands-on, jargon-free two day workshop that will introduce you to physical computing using conductive materials, MaKey MaKey and Arduino with some basic sensors. Our artist-maker-educator approach is all about tinkering with art, electronic and everyday materials to learn through experimentation and discovery.

By the end of the weekend you will have a basic understanding of the principals involved in easy-to-make light and sound responsive systems and the materials required. You will also have collaborated with other workshop participants to create an electronically triggered soundscape or an interactive environment/artwork. 

This workshop is for creative people (professionals and non-professionals) and educators, who want to do something different; whether it’s programme a touch-activated sound effects on the theatre stage or design a cross-curricular STEAM project at school. It is especially suitable for anyone involved in engaged arts that support arts participation and/or invite audience interaction.

Feedback from our previous 2-day course:

"I really appreciated learning how interactivity works with electronics. It was good to review all the fundamentals and applying and adding additional dimensions to make it more exciting. I felt challenged when certain unexpected issues come about - it was good to take a problem solving approach to get things to work."

"Loved putting ideas into action and working with others. Felt artistically challenged trying to not get focused on just tech or art but look at piece as whole - bringing led flowers to life!"

"I enjoyed the variety of technologies that we were given a base in, how natural it felt to go from one technology to the other. The range of applications for the technologies from both facilitators and participants was very useful and that there wasn't a cookie cutter approach of here's a project, complete it and figure out the applications of it later - that the creative application of what we were learning was built into the learning process was great."

"I loved that i was not overloaded with information or ideas. the challenge for me is to keep things simple because simplicity is complicated enough. I felt at ease with the tasks and because there was so much doing we learnt as we went along. I felt challenged by the question of how would I want the audience to approach the piece. I was still thinking about that today in class. I enjoyed that the language was not classroom based or focused. There was no talk about fitting/pigeon hoping it into the curriculum. It was an honest assessment and maker experience."

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